BSUR Committee

The BSUR is run by the following volunteer officers of the society:

  • Chairman: Dr Jane Belfield
  • Secretary: Dr Faye Cuthbert
  • Treasurer: Dr Cherian George
  • Education Officer: Dr Amit Patel
  • Education Officer: Dr Alison Bradley
  • BAUS representative: Dr Rosemina Ahmad
  • Co-opted members:
    • Dr Jonathan Richenberg
    • Dr Ian McCafferty
    • Dr Tristan Barrett
    • Dr Nishat Bharwani
  • Website Officer: Dr Kiran Randhawa
  • Past president: Dr Phil Haslam
  • Previous meeting organiser: Dr Steve Kennish
  • Next meeting organiser: Dr Tristan Barrett and Dr Amit Patel
  • Junior Representatives: Dr Lawrence Bell and Dr Sam Withey


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