BSUR ASM Lectures 2014

These lectures have kindly been submitted for the use of BSUR members following the 2014 BSUR ASM in Leeds.

The slides are watermarked and may not be copied and used in any form of publication unless permission has been given by the author.

Please note that some of the larger files wil give the message that ‘there was a problem previewing this file’. Just click the download icon and it will launch in a new tab.

The 2014 ASM lecture programme

Urological Lectures:

Imaging Follow up of Renal Cancer, Dr Jonathan Richenberg

PCNL, Dr Phil Haslam

Complications of Intervention, Dr Phil Haslam

Vascular Intervention, Dr Jai Patel

Evaluation of Pulmonary Nodules, Dr M J Darby

Imaging in Male Infertility, Dr Miles Walkden

Functional Assessment of Ureteric obstruction, Dr Chirag Patel

The obstructed ureter, An Interventional Radiological Perspective, Dr Steve Kennish

The obstructed Ureter, The Nephrologists Perspective, Dr Emma Dunn

The obstructed ureter, The urologist’s perspective, Mr Michael Kimuli

Solid Renal Masses, Dr Uday Patel

Renal Cystic Lesions, Dr Simon Burbidge

The Role of Surgery, Mr Jon Cartledge

The role of biopsy and image guided ablation, Dr Tze Wah

Gynaecological Lectures

Acute Pelvic pain, by Dr Andrea Sanderson

Imaging in Female Infertiltiy, Dr Moji Balogun

The tricky business of managing chronic pelvic pain, Dr Hlupekile Chipeta.

Gynaecological Infection, Dr Mike Weston

The Acute Abdomen in Pregnancy, Dr Gabriele Masselli

GI Imaging in Pregnancy, Dr Damian Tolan

Omental Biopsy and TV Intervention, Dr Mike Weston

Complications of Radiotherapy for Gynae Cancer, Dr Sarah Swift

Radiation Protection of Pregnant Patients, Dr Jeannette Kraft



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